4 Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins for WordPress (Super Useful)

Search for the WordPress site ‘s latest Gutenberg block plugins?

Gutenberg blocks are the editor blocks used in the new WordPress block editor or Gutenberg to create web templates. The Gutenberg editor, implemented in WordPress 5.0, is a completely block-based editor, where each piece of content is a draggable container.

By default, WordPress offers a collection of blocks of simple content such as text, image, icon, list, and more. Any top WordPress plugins can add their own blocks to make the apps easy for you to embed.

However, there is now a whole suite of plugins devoted to delivering Gutenberg custom content points.

We’ll share some of Gutenberg ‘s best block plugins for WordPress pages in this post. We’ll continue with some of the blocks by default and then move to block plugins.

Best Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress Sites (Super Useful)

7 WordPress Blocks Standard Effective Time-Saving

In both forms of text elements, the Gutenberg Editor contains columns.

The new blocks allow inserting items such as keys, covering pictures, tables, and more. You had to install plugins in older versions of WordPress to add such common web elements.

Here are some super useful default blocks of WordPress Gutenberg that you can use immediately.

1.Button Block: In your WordPress pages and articles, allows you to add a call to action buttons. You either had to use a plugin or write HTML code to add buttons to the old editor.

2. Media & Text Block: Lets you add side-by-side image and text. To do so with the old Classic Editor has been a frustrating job for example.

3. Cover Block: It is a new feature in WordPress, which allows you to add stunning cover images in your posts and pages. See our guide on the difference between cover images vs featured images.

4. Table Block: Enables you to easily create basic tables for posts and pages in WordPress. We still recommend the free TablePress plugin for advanced tables with search, sorting, and ordering functions.

5. Embed Blocks: There are many embed blocks for popular websites in the Gutenberg editor too. They can be used to embed tweets, YouTube videos, and more quickly.

6. Columns Block: lets you create multi-column templates for your blog posts and pages quickly.

7. Shortcode Block: Lets you quickly add shortcodes to your WordPress posts and pages.

Besides these, you can also explore and try many other blocks without using a plugin.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the best blocks on WordPress that WordPress plugins deliver.

Best Gutenberg Blocks Your WordPress Site Plugins

There are two types of plugins available on the market for the Gutenberg blocks. We’ll cover the two:

  1. Single Purpose Blocks Plugin

2. Gutenberg Blocks Libraries

The single purpose plugins are mostly the popular WordPress plugins that have long been in the market. They specialize in one particular feature and usually provide a single powerful block for adding WordPress content.

For example, WPForms is a popular plugin for making powerful WordPress forms. It provides a WordPress block in your articles and sites to incorporate feedback forms, polls, order forms, etc.

WPForms Block for WordPress Editor

On the other hand, there are plugins for block selection that combine several different elements of content in a single plugin. For example, plugin Atomic Blocks adds over 14 new blocks to your WordPress editor.

Single Purpose Block Plugins vs Block Library Plugins

Now that you know the options, perhaps you’re wondering if one is better than the other. Here are some key points to consider before selecting one over the other.

Single-purpose block plugins provide only one feature but provide the most robust selection of tools, integrations, etc. In short, they provide the most detailed approach for the particular use-case.

The block library plugins contain a set of blocks for various reasons, but such blocks are not as fine-tuned as the single blocks of functionality. We might not be as strong though we give a lot of bricks.

Another downside to using block suites is that they excessively pollute your block list particularly if you’re just using a few blocks throughout the set.

With that said, let ‘s look at the best block plugins on WordPress Gutenberg.

  1. WPForms- Best Gutenberg Block for WordPress Forms

WPForms is the most user friendly plugin in the market for WordPress form. It allows you to create simple contact forms on your WordPress site, as well as more powerful forms such as interactive polls, surveys, order forms etc.

WPForms offer a block on your posts and pages to add WordPress forms.

WPForms block in new Gutenberg editor

You can also conveniently incorporate email marketing tools, eCommerce plugins, and CRM applications into your forms.

  1. Envira Gallery-Best Photo Gallery WordPress Block

Envira Gallery is the WordPress gallery plugin with the most strength. It helps you to quickly create galleries of photographs and videos on your web site.

The plugin is Gutenberg ready to embed galleries into your website using a native link.

Envira Gallery Best WordPress Block for Photo Gallery

Envira Gallery provides advanced tools for selling the images, such as watermark security, image proofing, and smooth integration with WooCommerce.

3. WP Call Button

WordPress Click to Call Button

WP Call Button is a single-purpose block plugin that lets you click on your WordPress site to call button quickly.

Apart from adding clickable phone numbers to your contact page, WP Call Button also has a smart floating call button that allows you to add highly visible click to call button on all pages of your website (particularly for mobile users).

This helps you attract more phone calls to your company and to close further orders.

For Google Analytics, their smartphone buttons have built-in click tracking and you can quickly see which sites are doing the best on the web.

Hundreds of configuration options are offered for the phone button section, so you can conveniently configure the call button to suit the website style.

4. Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg – Free Plugin with 15+ Gutenberg blocks

Total Gutenberg Addons is the most commonly used addon for library blocks in Gutenberg. This plugin was developed by the people behind the famous Astra theme and is currently deployed on over 100,000 websites.

This contains more than 15 blocks of Gutenberg including the following:

  • Info Box Block-Add an image, heading, and description infobox.
  • Multi Buttons Block – Enables you to add multiple buttons in one row.
  • Team Block-Allows you to create a photo team section.
  • Price List Block – Enables you to quickly build a pricing list like a restaurant menu.
  • Testimonial Block – Handy on your website to add testimonials.

An benefit of using this app is that it comes with built-in Astra Theme support and all its starting places. This means you can import a starter site to create beautiful layouts using the block editor.

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